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Intéresse pour faire des sujets d'anglais ensemble?


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Tout est dans le titre!j'ai trouve plusieurs sujets l'année dernière des sessions 2006 et 2008 de l'Academie de Montpellier donc si vous êtes motives pour commencer ensemble a préparer des sujets, faites signe et je les mettrai en ligne.

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moi aussi , j'ai passé l'anglais en facultatif l'année dernière et je me suis pris 7 !!! en bossant ! mais mon niveau était vraiment très médiocre au départ !! que faut-il faire exactement avec le texte ?? car j'ai fait en gros un résumé avec "in the first part , in the second part ... finally .... et finally justement ! j'ai un peu l'impression que c'est pas ça qu'ils attendaient ! alors qu'avez vous fait avec votre texte pendant l'oral ?? bye bye ...

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Moi aussi ca m'interesse ! J'en ai aussi je les mettrai quand j'aurai un peu de temps apres le concours blanc !

Bon courage

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Bonjour bonjour!

Je suis aussi intéressée par cet entraînement en commun qui ne peut que me forcer à travailler cette discipline bien que je sois obnubilée par les épreuves écrites...

Comment procédez-vous ?

Si vous n'avez pas commencé, je peux vous proposer ce texte :

"From The Times

January 9, 2009

Giant street bin takes over from doorstep collections

Doorstep rubbish collections are being scrapped with families being required instead to use huge communal bins in a scheme that might be introduced across the country.

Brighton & Hove City Council will begin installing 3,200-litre communal bins in 500 streets next week – one for every 40 homes. For some residents the bins will be 150 yards away. Once the scheme is ready, dustmen will no longer remove black sacks from outside homes.

The system, which will leave 27,000 families without weekly collections, is being watched closely by other councils and some towns are already preparing similar arrangements.

Brighton council has calculated that introducing the communal bins, which will cost £615,000, will save £970,000 over seven years.

Waste campaigners said yesterday that the change could signal the end of traditional rubbish collections, which date back more than 130 years. Supporters say that communal bins, common on the Continent, are more convenient and lead to tidier streets.

Doretta Cocks, founder of the Campaign for Weekly Waste Collection, said: “I wonder if we will eventually see the end of the doorstep rubbish collections. People don’t realise how much they value the service until it has gone. They have got used to putting the bin on the doorstep and having it removed every week.”

More than a half of local authorities have already reduced rubbish collections from weekly to fortnightly.

Eric Pickles, the Shadow Environment Secretary, said that the communal bin scheme was another attack on traditional rubbish collections.

“Across the country, councils are being forced to cut back on rubbish collections, from reducing their frequency to banning bin bags next to wheelie bins, to reducing bin capacity,” he said. “Frontline services are being axed, while council tax goes up year on year, with new bin taxes on top around the corner. People must fork out a fortune in council tax under this Government. Hard-working families deserve decent services in return.”

Communal bins are already used in blocks of flats and some inner-city areas, including parts of Westminster and Edinburgh. But campaigners believe that the Brighton scheme will be used as a trial for a much wider use.

Hastings and St Leonards, in East Sussex, has said that the bins could be introduced in some areas this summer. Brighton & Hove council says that Cardiff has sought advice on the scheme. The new bins were being introduced after a successful trial that began in 2004, it said.

Unlike black sacks, which are frequently ripped open by seagulls and foxes, communal bins are a secure way of storing rubbish, it insists.

The system also means that people will no longer have to store a week’s rubbish at home as it can be placed in a communal bin on any day. The council said that it was trying to place the bins on double yellow lines or on wide pavements, but admitted that some parking spaces had been lost.

The new bins are being introduced primarily in areas where there are large numbers of flats or houses with limited of space for wheelie bins. Refuse collectors will continue to collect recycling boxes from outside homes.

The Local Government Association supports the scheme, but says that the choice of rubbish collection system should be decided locally. “You cannot prescribe from the centre that every single home must have a bin which must be emptied every week,” a spokesman said.

Environmental campaigners fear a reduction in recycling. Caroline Lucas, the Green Party leader and South East MEP, said that families might find it harder to separate items daily and the large size of the bins could encourage wastefulness."

On peut chacun préparer la présentation de ce document et la rédiger ici et se corriger mutuellement si possible!

Qu'en dites-vous ?

Bon courage à tous en tout cas!

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Pfff j'ai rien compris!

effectivement, texte difficile, mais on comprend le sens général!!! en espérant ne pas avoir un texte aussi long!!!

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Je suis interessée

l'an dernier, il y avait eu un post de ce style

on pourrait faire notre résumé

Je suis une vraie quiche en anglais, le post de l'an dernier m'avait beaucoup aidé

on pourrait faire un sujet par jour sur un thème différent?

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je suis dispo, mais je suis une quiche en anglais

on pourrait faire notre résumé et se poser qqls questions ?

Pour le but est de penser en anglais le plus possible

je fais le sujet ce soir

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Je suis partante aussi mais comment procède-t-on ?

Je suis comme certains et certaines très nulle en anglais... Rien que comprendre les questions qu'on me pose ne me sera pas évident du tout.

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on écrit notre résumé, on se pose quelques questions sur le thème

je mets mon résumé demain

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The document is a newspaper's article taken from the Independent. It was written by Stephen Hoare and published on August the first on 2008.

First I'll made an analysis of the article, and then I'll give you my own opinion about the subject.

As the article takes place in a special column called "Student guide" we can guess that it deals with some school's issue.

In fact, the text focuses on a potential necessary turnover to do for the universities due to the new way of using the web by the students.

It's especially accurate in the way they do their homework, and here particularly their academic essays.

The author bases his artcile upon some scores from a study made by the Joint Information Systems Commitee :

- 75% of the students daily use some social networking sites to discuss with others students, often about theirs courses, to give themselves mutual aid for instance.

- 62% of students would like to have more interactive supports of teaching and assessment, like for example onlive available resources, or tutors and teachers who agreed o communicate by emails.

Moreover, the articles gives us the results of a survey organised by Louis Thorps (who is...) : 12 students have been asked to create and keep a blog about how they use technology. She founds that for the main part of the students, the new ways of studying given by the web (called e-learning) are very important. The bloggers also point that the main advantage is how fast we can find informations and communicate.

Blogs are more and more often used by the students as windows opened on their works : they actually can show their homework and receive advices about it, made their tutors aware of what they do and realize how they are progressing by these feedbacks.

Louise Thorpe actually thinks that soon students may be assess by an e-way. Richard Hall (who is...) agreed : in fact some students already create blogs to collect some advices and comments from theirs classmates and tutors, which helps them to enhance their work, before marking.

For my part, I often use web sites to find some informations, especially when I'm studying. We can find almost everything we could search for on the internet, but we have to stay watchful because all the things we can find haven't got the same quality. Teaching the right to use the new technologies is a main and important point of the school's program.

Pas inspirée par ce texte ! Je ne suis pas certaine d'avoir tout compris et de ne pas avoir fait de contre-sens d'ailleurs ... Quand à ma présentation, elle me fait prendre conscience de mes limites (et de mon manque de préparation par rapport à l'année dernière!!), j'ai l'impression d'utiliser toujours le même vocabulaire, dont beaucoup de mots transparents ...

Je veux bien voir les vôtres !

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Et voilà quelques questions qui tombent régulièrement

1/ As a future schoolteacher, what educational values do you believe in?

2/ What are the main qualities required to be a good teacher?

3/ What are the main difficulties in being a good teacher?

4/ What is your idea of a successful education

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Voici mon résumé (le ridicule ne tue pas )

perso j'ai vraiment pas compris grand chose à ce texte

This text is an article from the independant.

It was written by Stephen Hoare, and it was published in 2008.

The title of this document is 'Essays face dead by google'

This texte deals with the new utilisation by internet by students.

First i will sump up this text and scondly i will comment it

This text shows principally a serie of polls. Polls makes by ths joint information systems commitee

75 % by students use interest for to discuss with others sutdents, or to do homeworks, and to speak with others students

62% who use internet will like that internet is used for teaching and evaluations.

A survey shows, that more an more blogs are used to put online homeworks, it is diary (intime ??)

This article deals with a subject of currents events. More and more students used to blog to put homeworks, lessons, to discuss. Personaly i use internet to do research.

In france more and more primary school have a blog. On this blog, we can find a lot of informartions: time table, houseworks, lessons, administratives informations ..

This logs may be useful for the parents: they can follow the currents events of the school of their child ..

To conclude, i will say that now internet is ewerywhere. pff plus d'idées lol

bon voilà pas fameux, n'hésitez pas à me corriger

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Pour ma part, je n'ai pas encore pu le faire mais je poste mon travail dès que c'est le cas !

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je mets un autre sujet

dommage que l'on ne soit pas beaucoup :sad:

Sausage a day 'raises heart risk'

Eating processed meat such as sausages increases the likelihood of heart disease, while red meat does not seem to be as harmful, a study suggests.

A Harvard University team which looked at studies involving over one million people found just 50g of processed meat a day also raised the risk of diabetes.

But there was no such risk from eating even twice as much unprocessed meat, such as beef, lamb or pork.

This was despite the fact the two forms of meat have a similar fat content.

Writing in the journal Circulation, the researchers speculated that given the similar quantities of cholesterol and saturated fats, the difference may be explained by the salt and preservatives added to processed meats.

This is defined as any meat preserved by smoking, curing or salting and includes bacon, sausages, salami and other luncheon meats.

Salt can increase blood pressure in some people, a key risk factor for heart disease.

In animal experiments, nitrate preservatives can promote atherosclerosis and reduce glucose tolerance, which can in turn lead to heart problems and diabetes.

Similar lifestyle

The team from Harvard School of Public Health looked at 20 studies involving more than one million participants from 10 countries.

On average, each 50g serving of processed meat per day - the equivalent of a sausage or a couple of rashers of bacon - was associated with a 42% higher chance of developing coronary heart disease and a 19% higher risk of diabetes.

“ Go for lean cuts and aim to cook from scratch using healthier cooking methods like grilling or baking ”

Victoria Taylor, British Heart Foundation

"Although cause-and-effect cannot be proven by these types of long-term observational studies, all of these studies adjusted for other risk factors," said Renata Micha, lead author.

"Also, the lifestyle factors associated with eating unprocessed meats and processed meats were similar, but only processed meats were linked to higher risk."

Victoria Taylor, senior heart health dietician at the British Heart Foundation, said: "If you like red meat, this can still be included as part of a balanced heart-healthy diet.

"Go for lean cuts and aim to cook from scratch using healthier cooking methods like grilling or baking. If you need to add flavour, then try using fresh and dried herbs, spices and chillies instead of salt."

A spokesman for BPEX, which represents pork producers, insisted processed meats could form part of a balanced diet.

He suggested further research was needed before any dietary recommendations could be made.

"Various studies indicate that high consumption of processed meat can be indicative of an overall poorly balanced diet: therefore it could be other aspects of the diet that are contributing to the increase in risk," he added.

Story from BBC NEWS:


Published: 2010/05/18 00:48:11 GMT


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I'm interested in your idea but i think it can be useful to write in enghish too.

It's the third time, i take this competitive exam. The first time i have obtained 6/20 in english. The second time, 10/20 and i didn't practice english since last june until today. It's very hard !

I was just finishing editing my homework about the sausage subject when my text suddenly disappeared.

I'm very disappointed and i have not enough courage to type it again but i'll come back soon.

I wish you good luck.

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yez, you are reason, you have to discuss in english

I'am very very bad in this language.

There is two years I had 4/20, the last year 7.5/20

I think that it is important to discuss in english

my summary

This text is an article from the BBc News

It was it was published in 2010.

The title of this document is sausage a day'raises heart risk'

This texte deals with heart disease risk that involve processed meat.

I will first sum the text up, and then i will talk about details i noticed, and i will comment it.

The author underlines that eating processed meat isn't good for the health, whereas eating red meat isn't seem dangerous for the health.

This document shows us that eating processed meat can provoc heart disease,diabete,(cholesterol).

The scientific shows that eat an, important quantity unprocessed meat don't present risk for the health.

In fact, the salt and conservators of eating meat will be cause of heart disease.

According to Victoria Taylor, to decrease the risks, she advices to cook on a steakhoue or in the oven. In same, it is hearthier to put dried herbs, than to add some salt.

As i told you before i'am going now to tell you move about some details i noticed

The text raises the quetsion of disseases on diabete . And this problem is linked, according to this text, with the alimenation. I think, that processed meat isn't goog for the health. Because, we don't really know the composition of processed meal. Personally, i don't still trust its products. I think that it is interesting to abord this theme at the school.

To conclude, i will that this article is interesting because, it points out of, the risks of processed meat . the salt is a conservator, but this article show us, that isn't good for health . i think that parents have to inform risks which the salt can bring, to their children.

It is a serious problem

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Juste pour embêter un peu ...

"The text raises the quetsion of disseases on diabete . And this problem is linked, according to this text, with the alimenation. I think, that processed meat isn't goog for the health. Because, we don't really know the composition of processed meal. Personally, i don't still trust its products. I think that it is interesting to abord this theme at the school."

How ???

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No body ??

Last year there was more people. We are not obliged to study texts, we can speak about a precise theme .

For example internet, education tradition ...

last year this topic, helped a lot of me

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No body ??

Last year there was more people. We are not obliged to study texts, we can speak about a precise theme .

For example internet, education tradition ...

last year this topic, helped a lot of me


I can't discuss today because I am too busy with my 3 children but I'll come back tomorow.

Have a good sunday

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I have found this text.

The Wild Web of China: Sex and Drugs, Not Reform

SHANGHAI — By some estimates, there are more than 30,000 people patrolling the Web in China,

helping to form one of the world's far-reaching Internet filtering systems.

But while China's huge Internet police force is busy deleting annoying phrases like "free speech" and

"human rights" from online bulletin boards, specialists say that Wild West capitalism has moved from the

real economy in China to the virtual one.

Chinese entrepreneurs who started out brazenly selling downloadable pirated music and movies from

online storefronts have extended their product lines — peddling drugs and sex, stolen cars, firearms and

even organs for transplanting.

Much of this is happening because Internet use has grown so fast, with 110 million Web surfers in China,

second only to the United States. Last year, online revenue — which the government defines more

broadly than it is in the United States — was valued at $69 billion, up around 58 percent from the year

before, according to a survey by the China Internet Development Research Center.

By 2010, Wall Street analysts say China could have the world's leading online commerce, with revenue

coming from advertising, e-commerce and subscription fees, as well as illicit services.

The authorities have vowed to crack down on illegal Web sites and say that more than 2,000 sex and

gambling sites have been shut down in recent years. But new sites are eluding them every day. "It's a wild

place," Xiao Qiang, director of the China Internet Project at the graduate journalism school of the

University of California, Berkeley, said of China's Web. "Outside of politics, China is as free as

anywhere. You can find porn just about anywhere on the Internet."

On any of China's leading search engines, enter sensitive political terms like "Tiananmen Square" or

"Falun Gong," and the computer is likely to crash or simply offer a list of censored Web sites. But terms

like "hot sex" or "illegal drugs" take users to dozens of links to Web sites allowing them to download sex

videos, gain entry to online sports gambling dens or even make purchases of heroin. The scams are


Adapted from The New York Times, March 8, 2006.

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